Whats been going on

Well apologies for the lack of recent updates but Neccl has been having a rest for a while after such a busy Winter Season. There has been some great MTB events in the region inc the Nutcracker Series, local club TT’s are being very well suppourted. The road racing side of things seems to have been over flooded with events and riders are picking and choosing with some having to be cancelled due to lack of entries etc on that note some of the MTB events are also taking a hit with the Nutcracker 24 & Kielder Enduro 12 also being cancelled. The Keilder Enduro Series is also struggling for riders as well. Sportives are still going strong but some may well see the numbers drop as the entry fees are starting to hit £25ish ! not only that the riders cost of fuel to get to and from events is huge factor to take into account now as well. Times are hard and going to get harder. One good thing all the online cycle retailers and fighting for your very last £ and there are some cracking deals at there at the mo. Enjoy the Summer months of probably wet riding and NE CX League season starts on 17th Aug 2011.