Membership Details

Becoming a TLI Member is easy, click on the link and follow the instructions http://tlicycling.org.uk/JoinRenew.aspx

TLI Membership.

Annual Fees
Membership of TLI Cycling is available to everybody aged 6 years
Youths/Juniors (18 years and younger on date of joining) £0.00
Seniors (19 and over on date of joining) £12.00
Teesside- Lisa Cowley c/o Cowley Cycles, 12 Zetland Street Northallerton DL6 1NA tlimembership.teeside@live.co.uk


How do enter a race?

In order to race in the North East Cyclo Cross League Series you can turn up on the day of the race and enter on the day. You don’t have to be a member of the TLI or have a Racing License or be a member of a cycling club. If you are a TLI Member then you must bring along your current Membership Card on the day or you will have to pay the Non Member Day Fee.

Where will results be posted?

The league standings will be available on this web site during the season along with the results of all NECCL events.

How much does it cost?

We have set standard entry fees for NECCL events this year of:

  • Under 8 / 10 / 12 – £1
  • Under 16/14 – £3
  • Senior, Junior, Women & Vets – TLI Members, on-line £8, On the day £10. Non TLI Members £16.00

What time are the races and how long do we race for?

  • 12:00hrs – U8 / 10 / 12
  • 12:30hrs – U14 / 16
  • 13:30hrs – Sen / Vets / Lady / Jun
  • U14 / 16 – 30 mins
  • Under 12 / 10 / 8   – 15 mins
  • Sen / Vets / Lady / Jun – 50- 60 mins

Can I race on a MTB?

MTB bikes can be ridden in NECCL events.

How does the points system work?

For winning a race you get 200 points, for second 199…

  1. 200 points
  2. 199
  3. 198
  4. 197
  5. 196

…and reducing by 1 point per place down through the race field.

How do I find out where I am in the league?

The League result will be posted to the website during the season.

Who can enter ?

The NECCL is a grass routes series and can be entered by riders of any ability from complete Novice to Expert. You can also be of any age, we have riders younger than six and older than sixty.

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