Nutcracker Rd1 Camphill- Race Report

Rd1 4th April 10 Camphill 083Rd1 4th April 10 Camphill 127Well MTB XC has finally returned to the NE (well it was actually in Yorkshire) but it was a great day made by some great weather, I mean it did not rain. The Nut was cracked by many NECCL riders but the Cracker also cracked quite a few riders & machines come to that with plenty of punctures, snapped chains / mech hangers & rear mechs all biting the dust well it was more like thick mud that did it.

It satrated off very very wet and sticky mud for the first race but the wind and heat started to dry up the wooded sections for Race 2 and by the time Race 3 had started the course was even mostly rideable. Click on the gallery here  for a few pics of todays action at Camphill and Rd 2 is near Richmond somewhere.