Rd 1 5th Aug 09 046Rd 2 12th Aug 09 067With the Winter 09/10 season finished we are having a break now until 18th Aug when it is Rd 1 of Autumn Series. First round is @ Hetton Lyons Country Park with the first race starting at 6.30pm then 7.00pm. Full details can be found in the News Section Page.

The Winter 2010/2011 Series of nine events starts on Sun 12th Sept.

Rd 7 on Sun 12th Dec 2010 is now confirmed to be at Dalton Park Shopping Complex just off the A19 near Seaham, follow this link for more info on this very exciting new venue  www.dalton-park.co.uk

Preview Photos are here http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/neccl247/DaltonParkPreviewPhotos