Halfords Tour Durham- UPDATE

20100523_TourSeries_RD1_GibbYes it this Thursday night Рall the roads that the circuit will be using will be closed from anytime between 8.00am Р12.00am for them to set up the course. The start/finish line is on the road opposite the entrance to Durham School on Grove Road. Remeber to smile for the TV cameras as it will be on ITV4 7.00pm Friday 28th May.

18.00 riders warm up on the circuit and signing on opens

18.45 signing on closes

18.50 riders form up on the start/finish line with team mascots

19.00 race strats 1hour + 5laps

19.15 sprint 1

19.30 sprint 2

19.45 sprint 3

20.00 5 laps to go bell

20.15 race ends

20.30 podium ceremont and presentations