Meeting Mins

AGM Minutes 2017

Geoff Turner (Chair), Scot Brown (Treasurer), Jon Bayley (Sec.)
Dave Nicholson, Karen Partington, Neil Ross, Brett Lambert, Jonny Holliday
David Swainson, Stewart Nicholson, Jon Mitofrd, Eddie Buist, Stu Whitman,
Bryan Robinson, Eric Murphy, Peter Milburn, Derek George, Jay Bell,
Heather Huntley, Nicola McCoy, Ellis McCoy, Ian Dunn.
Apologies: Mal Gray, Dan Hodson, James Raw
An account summary was made available to all present.
It was generally noted that the cost of venue hire is increasing, equipment costs are increasing and
online entry has introduced
Entry Fees
It was decided that the following fees would apply for the 2018 season:
U12 £1
U16 £3
Seniors £8 online
£10 on the day
£16 non members
We would like to encourage younger riders